2013 Guelph Dance Festival

In the Park

605 Collective

Vancouver, British Columbia

Audible 2009

Choreographed by The 605 Collective

In Audible (Excerpt), four rambunctious performers meet for a public ritual to unwind and decompress from today’s hyper-communicative world. Their need to find physical connection reveals itself […]

Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal by Night 2010

Choreographed by Zab Maboungou

Montreal by Night is an urban tale of life and movement where individuals constantly interact and each go their own ways. Extremely refined gestures dispatching multiple […]


Montreal, Quebec

In Mixed Company 2013

Choreographed by David Albert-Toth & Emily Gualtieri

In Mixed Company investigates the tension felt by individuals as they oscillate between the search for meaningful relationships and the pressure exerted by society to conform […]

Ritmo Flamenco

Toronto, Ontario

Sombras de Locura (Shadows of Madness) 2013

Choreographed by Anjelica Scannura

The map of the soul is vast where past, present, and future co-exist. The conscious mind makes sense of the present, but within its vault […]

On the Stage

605 Collective

Vancouver, British Columbia

Co-Production with Animals of Distinction New Animal 2012

Choreographed by Dana Gingras

New Animal is a ferocious Parajumpers Jacket Women work exploiting the supreme versatility of its five dancers. Suffused with raw, unbridled energy, groove, and a hunger […]

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

Dallas, Texas

Jokers in the Deck 2011

Choreographed by Joshua Peugh

Jokers in the Deck provides the audience with a chance to think about fate: whether mankind controls it or not. This work encourages questions Parajumpers Kodiak […]


Montreal, Quebec

Junkyard/Paradise 2010

Choreographed by Mélanie Demers

Junkyard/Paradise exists in a fragile balance Parajumpers Gobi Bomber between beauty and atrocity, between elegance and aversion, between grace and desolation. While a junkyard is often […]

Alan Lake

Quebec City, Quebec

Là-bas, le lointain 2012

Choreographed by Alan Lake

Là-bas, le lointain is a work in three acts: a tableau vivant, or living fresco, that marries the body with sculptural elements; a film, or the […]

In the Studio

Tracey Norman

Toronto, Ontario

Witness 2013

Choreographed by Tracey Norman

Observation theory is the driving force behind the creation of Witness, a duet commissioned by JDdance. The work developed out of physical tasks stemming from the […]

Pamela Tzeng

Calgary, Alberta

I do not and I do 2012

Choreographed by Pamela Tzeng

I do not and I do stands as an exploration of identity and relationship through a surrealist lens. Inspiration for this came from the painting ‘Les […]

Local Initiatives

Behind the Scenes of Dance

Heart at Night: David Earle in Guelph Film Screening

In anticipation of the Guelph Dance Festival, we will feature Vaughn Barclay’s documentary Heart at Night: David Earle in Guelph, an intimate portrait of contemporary […]

IMAGEO artworks

Guelph, Ontario

Invisible Hands 2013

Choreographed by Georgia Simms in collaboration with Tanya Williams

Borrowing the metaphor used in political economic theory, Invisible Hands explores the many unseen but influential forces that govern our collective decision-making and actions. The […]

Lynette Segal

Guelph, Ontario

Spontaneous Order 2013

Choreographed by Lynette Segal

“Sometimes we blur the distinction between art and life; sometimes we try to clarify it.  We don’t stand on one leg.  We stand on both.” […]

Youth Moves

Carousel Dance Company

Ticking Clocks is about the constant rush of life in an over-stimulated society always running against time.

The Chimera Project’s Company B

Toronto, Ontario

One Against Many 2013

Choreographed by Malgorzata Nowacka

One Against Many is a movement meditation about the origin of behavioural change and the path that the catalyst of this may take.

Contemporary School of Dance

Waterloo, Ontario

Return 2013

Choreographed by Robyn Ellis & Natasha King

Return to Oz is an unofficial Disney film sequel to the much-loved Wizard of Oz, and a more accurate adaptation of the Frank L. Baum […]

Guelph Youth Dance Company

Guelph, Ontario

In an orderly fashion 2013

Choreographed by Julia Garlisi

This playful and energetic piece of choreography takes place on the playground in a schoolyard. The young children are free to roam, play, and explore […]

no. 369 Collective

Orangeville, Ontario

Once there was a little girl… 2013

Choreographed by Kerri-Ann Hutton & Sarah Felschow

This piece delves into the children’s classic Little Red Riding Hood, with a dark approach to the work. While young friends frolic, a monster lurks in […]

Swansea School of Dance

Toronto, Ontario

The Future Within 2012

Choreographed by Julia Aplin

Young dancers, magicians of movement, alchemists of the truth, listening to the hum of the earth, connecting to the very centre and moving forward. Looking for […]

YMI Dancing

Toronto, Ontario

Kids 2011

Choreographed by Kate Franklin

Kids is a fresh, cool dance explosion based around intricate rhythms and fun. The piece features eight dancers clad in brightly coloured jeans doing complex […]


Flamenco with Ritmo Flamenco

Anjelica Scannura will be teaching a basic Introduction to Flamenco. You will learn lively footwork, swirling arm and hand movements, and the dynamic hand-clapping you […]

Rhythms and Movement with Zab Maboungou

This workshop focuses on movement, space, and musicality using rhythmic progression and the building of endurance. Zab Maboungou will bring her unique blend of African […]
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