Festival Artist Feature: FakeKnot’s Ralph Escamillan

A dancer stands in the centre of a grey tiled floor dressed in a voluminous brown paper dress. Dancer is looking up towards their right. Seven audience members are seen standing behind the dancer.
Photo by Abhas Sinah

Vancouver based artist, FakeKnot, will be performing at Exhibition Park as part of the IN THE PARK series. Choreographer and performer Ralph Escamillan shares a bit about the work Croquis, which utilizes unique costuming.

What motivated you to make the work you will be sharing at the Guelph Dance Festival?

Ralph: “Croquis” is a work motivated by my interests in paralleling the ephemerality of dance and costume, and real time dialogue between garment and body. The term croquis became the way of describing the “quick sketch” of movement made with the body on paper. 

How long have you been working on this piece and how has it changed since its inception? 

R: This solo was created while I was in residence at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where I got to workshop paper manipulation techniques with the Material Matters Lab. Since that point we have performed it in a few spaces, and the one we bring to Guelph this year will be a further iteration as we explore new silhouettes with the paper dress. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the process of creating this work?

R: That the art of crafting your own garments and performing in them create a different type of relationship as a performer. You’re able to remember the countless hours put into the garment, and inturn are able to wear it with a different type of pride – while also understanding its limits and possibilities. 

You have three chances to catch Croquis by FakeKnot performed IN THE PARK happening Friday, May 31 at 7PM, and Saturday and Sunday, June 1 & 2 at 12noon.

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