Choreographer Suzanne Miller Muses on THIRST

We asked Montreal choreographer Suzanne Miller to share some thoughts on her piece The Water Project: THIRST which will be performed on Stage B, Saturday, June 4, 8:00 pm. Read on to gain some insight into her fascinating mind – and then, without delay! – get your tickets for this performance. Seating is assigned at the River Run Centre, so you’ll want to arrange for the best seats now!
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The Water Project: THIRST
Choreographer’s Notes, by Suzanne Miller (May 16, 2016)

Interestingly, the percentage of water contained within our body mirrors the percentage of water in the earths’ body.
Water marks our existence and continues to reveal life itself never fully knowing either beginnings or ends.
photo: Francois Bergeron
On June 4th, I share the stage with dancer/collaborator/perfect dance partner Karsten Kroll, with whom I’ve danced since 2000, and composer/musician/life partner Allan Paivio with whom I’ve worked since 1985.
Performed on a mirrored floor surface and riddled in plastic, THIRST uses the three states of water’s transformation — SOLID, LIQUID and VAPOUR — as a resource to direct the choreography, scenography and music composition. The kaleidoscopic effect of the mirrors creates a hybrid body where boundaries between, BONE, BLOOD and BREATH – are mixed.
The mirrors also provide water for an interpretation of “The Dying Swan.” This ends the production – it pays homage to the iconic solo choreographed by Mikhail Folkine (1905), made famous by the legendary Anna Pavlova.
We look forward to returning to Guelph Dance festival and are eager to reunite with our family and extended community.

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