Call for Submissions & Jazz!


Call for Submissions deadline is fast approaching! Submissions for the 2014 Guelph Dance Festival will be accepted until September 16, 2013. Series include: On the Stage, In the Park, In the Studio, Local Initiatives, Dance Market, and CSA Nooner. For more details about each series, click here.  Submissions to the Youth Moves series will be accepted until December 1, 2013.

Applications can be submitted completely online, just be sure to include a Youtube or Vimeo link to your video and your membership payment via PayPal. Submissions can be sent to [email protected]. Visit our website for application forms and details.Artists may apply to more than one series (no additional membership fee required).

Come dance with us in 2014!

Note on Dates:
The CSA Noonerperformances take place in November 2013 & March 2014. All other series take place during the main Festival weekend May 29 – June 1, 2014.

Guelph is truly an amazing hub for the arts and we invite you to join us at the 2014 Guelph Dance Festival! We are delighted to partner with the other Fab 5 Festivals, including the Guelph Jazz Festival and the Eden Mills Writer’s Festival – details in the story below!

I would like to introduce myself to the Guelph Dance audience! My name is Riann Willoughby. I was born in Kilkenny, Ireland but have spent the majority of my life in Canada (predominantly Eden Mills). I have a degree in English from the University of Guelph and a diploma in Marketing from Mohawk College in Hamilton. 
I am truly in love with the city of Guelph with its passion for the arts, its soulful and creative citizens, and its wonderful events and festivals. I am very excited to join the Guelph Dance team as their publicist/writer/editor. I have a passion for writing, photography and all aspects of the arts community. I look forward to the upcoming year and to meeting many new people involved with Guelph Dance!

Guelph gets Jazzed

This past weekend, downtown Guelph came alive with music.  The Jazz Festival was in full swing as I pulled into the square around 11pm Saturday night. The energy was electric when entering Guelph’s core. Street performers dazzled onlookers with their talents and vitality and fans couldn’t help but join in with the music. Here, I photographed one audience member who began to dance, impressing both fans and musicians. Check out this video of the music and street dancing.

While walking through the streets it was clear that the majority of downtown was filled with young students, many of which were visitors to Guelph. Entering Carden Street was a truly unique experience. Within a few steps, I knew it was mostly locals who surrounded me, the spirit of Guelph filled the air, the street, restaurants, and pubs were full, and the music was invigorating.

As the restaurants and pubs served their last drinks, we moved to Planet Bean, which was open all night long for Nuit Blanche. With a 2am start, Drew’s Electronica provided late night coffeehouse entertainment. The mellifluous music brought smiles to the somewhat tired spectators. It was exactly the type of jazz music one would want to hear at 3am. The atmosphere was filled with a great beat, singers, and the smell of coffee in the air. This was where we finished our evening. Nuit Blanche went on for many more hours, but when the bells rang four times, I knew it was time to call it a night. Once again, an incredible and moving Jazz Festival in Guelph. 

Coming up this Sunday, September 15th is the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival!This event should not be missed. The village of Eden Mills will be filled with people from far and wide. Authors reading their passionate words, great food, a children’s area, smiling faces, books for sale and much more. The festival runs from noon until 6pm.

We look forward to presenting an incredible line-up to a supportive and engaged audience at the 2014 Guelph Dance Festival! Be sure to submit your application by September 16, 2013!

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