A Reflection on the 20th Anniversary of Guelph Dance

by Dorothy Fisher, GD’s Stage Manager extraordinaire for the past 20 years 
Thrilling!  I can hardly believe we are celebrating 20 years of wonderful dance artistry!  The best way to describe those 20 years boils down to three words GUELPH DANCE = CHANGE.
I have never been involved with an organization that is so focused on improvement.  At the end of each year questions are always asked: “what worked?”; “what could we do better?”; “what do we keep and expand on?”  This approach comes from a place where there is no fear of looking in the mirror.  It exemplifies dynamic leadership.  I feel privileged to be a small part of this energy.
As for change in the backstage where I live – from the very beginning I have been blessed to work with gifted Canadian icons of dance, international independent dancers and dynamic youth.  Over the years dancers have shared the backstage halls with an Elvis impersonator, the Guelph Chamber Choir, and the frenzy of dance school recitals and high school revues.  Not only did our dancers share the space, they did it with generosity of spirit.  It is true that each year had its own story, but the level of professionalism, care and concern for each other has always been A+.
The vision of two young women and their desire to bring dance to their own backyard is an inspirational story that has mobilized many other supporters.
 Congratulations to Guelph Dance on your success in bringing dance to the Guelph community!

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