10 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to March Break Arts Explosion Camp

Our March Break Arts Explosion Camp takes place March 14-18, 2016, at the River Run Centre. Been considering signing your child up? Read on to be convinced. Here are 10 reasons you should send your kid to Arts Explosion camp.

1) Great Instructors.
Outreach Artistic Director Janet Johnson hires the most amazing teaching artists to work with Guelph Dance campers. They are all exceptional in their respective fields, as well as experienced teachers who love working with kids.

Adrienne Spier is our visual arts instructor who will work with all three camp groups. She has an MFA from Concordia University and has exhibited her work across Canada and internationally. She has been teaching art to children for more than 20 years at a variety of schools, camps, and after school programs.

Beautiful dancer Julia Garlisi, a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre Professional Training Program and veteran GTA performer, will be teaching creative and contemporary dance to all of the age groups in this year’s camp.

The delightful Shannon Kingsbury, who will be working with our youngest age campers, holds certificates in Early Childhood Music, Orff, Voice and Music Theory from The Royal Conservatory of Music and Kodaly pedagogy through Wilfred Laurier University. As an educator, Shannon has taught singing based music programs with many outstanding arts organizations and studios in Guelph since 2007. 

Camp favorite Megan O’Donnell is back to teach jazz dance to the Red and Blue campers. She is a graduate of the Ryerson University dance program, and her career has taken her to New York City and back to Guelph where she has performed with Dancetheatre David Earle among others.

Courtney Riddell will teach theatre to all three groups. She has worked with First Light Theatre for over five years working as a teacher, director, programme coordinator and more. She has recently started her own musical theatre class in Guelph and has been performing a one-woman kids show all over Guelph and the surrounding area.

2) Beautiful venue.

Have you really noticed just how beautiful the River Run Centre is? Nice lobby, the light-filled Canada Company Hall, the black box Cooperator’s Hall, the cool mezzanine, and access to the outside space for lunchtime play!

3) Pay for the day or for the week.
It’s March Break, so maybe you have to work while your child is off school. Or maybe you’re also taking a few days break from your job. Whatever the situation, we’re ready to accommodate your schedule. Come one day or all five – or anything in between.

4) Free pre- and post-care.
The arts programming of the camp is scheduled from 9:30 to 3:30, but your child is welcome to arrive anytime between 8:30-9:30 and they’ll be something for them to get involved with! Games, art, interacting with other campers or counselors. Same thing at the end of the day: from 3:30-4:30, your child can stay and play! No extra charge for this!!

5) Inexpensive additional post-care.
Can’t get to the River Run Centre by 4:30? No worries! For just $5/day, your child can stay at the River Run Centre until 5:30 pm, with an adult on hand to supervise.

6) An awesome showing at the end.
It’s an arts camp, so we make sure there’s an opportunity for the young artists to show off a little for family and friends. We have our show in a theatre, of course! All fun, low-pressure!

7) Keep your kids engaged in the learning process in a fun way.
Worried your child might forget how to be involved in the learning process while she has a week off school? No worries. There are many opportunities for your child to learn at our Arts Explosion Camp! Gosh…it’s so fun, he won’t even realize he’s learning. (So you don’t tell, and we won’t either).

8) Your kid is surrounded by other great kids.
If you want your child surrounded by creative and enthusiastic kids, then this is the camp for you. Your child – along with all the other campers – will embrace creativity as they become explorers of the arts!

9) Sibling discount!
You have more than one child who wants to come to camp? Great news: we offer a 5% discount for sibling registrations.

10) Sparks creativity in multiple art forms.
At Arts Explosion camp, your child will experience a variety of art forms. Maybe she loves dance, but hasn’t really gotten into music; or he loves to paint, but has some caution around performing. Well, at Arts Explosion camp, our amazing instructors and nurturing counselors will encourage your child to participate and explore. Singing, dancing, acting, and painting are all entryways to a life of creativity, providing your child with skills to become a positive problem solver and a confident communicator.

For more information about the camp, including costs, visit http://www.guelphdance.ca or call 519-780-2220.

Ready to register? Visit the River Run box office website or call 519-763-3000.

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