What’s Indiegogo? Why Expand the Park Series? ALL of your FAQs Answered!

Last week, Guelph Dance launched an Indiegogo campaign to help expand the wildly popular In the Park series. You might be thinking, ‘What does that mean? Why do they need money to put this on? What is happening to the other Park shows?” Look no further: All of the answers are here.

Guelph Dance needs to raise $4,000 to add a fourth In the Park show in a new location somewhere in the City of Guelph. This will not affect the three regularly scheduled shows at Exhibition Park on Thursday June 2 at 7pm, Saturday June 4 at 12pm, and Sunday June 5 at 12pm. We simply want to spread the joy of contemporary dance and make it more accessible to other neighbourhoods in our beautiful city.

Check out the terrific photos below taken by community members showing their love for our 2015 In the Park shows. Wouldn’t it be great to have more of this? Support with $10 now if you agree!

$4,000 may seem like a lot of money, but that’s what it takes to put on one of these shows, with artist fees and technical support being the biggest costs. And when you break it down, $4,000 is only 400 x 10, so that is what we’re asking: for 400 people to each give $10. Contemporary dance doesn’t have to be on a stage, and it doesn’t have to have a high ticket price. We can bring it right to your backyard, on a pay-what-you-can basis!

It’s so nice to have an army of supporters behind us, like this army of campers we had In the Park in 2013. Show your support with $10 now!

If you’re new to Indiegogo, have no fear, it’s really easy to use! Indiegogo is a well-known crowdfunding website that makes it easy for organizations like us to raise money quickly. Just go to our campaign page, check out our campaign video, enjoy the warm and fuzzy feelings that you get from reminiscing about our In the Park shows, and then click “Contribute Now”. On the next page, enter the amount you wish to give. We recommend $10, but are happy to receive more! Rest assured, you can trust this secure site.

A fan favourite, the Park shows bring beautiful dance works to unique places. Below, photo of Ritmo Flamenco by Randy Sutherland.

Crowdfunding only really works when people share the campaign with people they know who care about the cause. So after you make your generous contribution, please post our Indiegogo page on your Facebook page, tweet about it, and email it to your friends! Together, we can bring more dance to more people in more places! Please give today!

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