Laura Arend

France & Luxembourg

In 2006, French-Luxembourgish choreographer Laura Arend joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon. In 2009, she was received at the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City. In 2011, Laura Arend begins to present her choreographic research work in various studios and theaters including the mythical Judson Church – NYC. She leaves New York in 2011 to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) in Israel. Early 2016 Laura Arend decides to focus solely on the development of her personal projects and creates her company. She orientates her work on the inspiration of the duo «dance and travel». This engine of reflection and creation marks the starting point of the creations of Laboration Art Company. YAMA, creation 2016, draws its inspiration from a trip to India. FIVE, creation 2017, looks back on its five years in Israel. In 2018, Germany is in the spotlight with the duo ANNA. 2019 marks its fourth creation honoring China with a unison of four women entitled YIRO. A creation in collaboration with the Chinese choreographer Xie Xin. In parallel to her choreographic research, Laura Arend is invited to choreograph for other companies. In spring 2015 she created Leadership for the Jeune Ballet Européen (Paris, direction: Nicole Chirpaz). In 2017, it is the turn of the Jeune Ballet d’Aquitaine (Bordeaux, direction : Christelle Lara) Piece for eighteen dancers. SYNC is created in the premises of the Jeune Ballet à bordeaux. She also continues her pedagogical work by giving workshops in France and internationally: Israel, USA, India, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Morocco, among others In parallel to her choreographic work, Laura makes herself available for different experiences: she dances in Valérie Donzelli’s last feature film «Notre Dame», in 2019 and participates in events such as the Paris National Opera under the direction of Dimitri Chamblas and poses for various dance-inspired fashion editorials, such as Gala France or perform for Paris Fashion week at Isabelle Marant shows. In October, Laura Arend was honored to present , Retro, a duet created with Principale/Etoile of Paris Opera Ballet, Alice Renavand. In the fall 2022, the company will start a new creation untitled Beltane. A full evening show with 8 live musicians on the  beautiful Orchestral Suite of JS Bach.

Workshop: Improvisation, Research and Repertory

The two elements that characterize this technique are the pleasure of physical development and self-knowledge. The search for our deepest self is placed at the heart of the work. Knowing one’s physical capacities, one’s capacities as a performer, one’s creative capacities, but also being in direct contact with one’s soul, one’s mind, one’s heart. In classical dance, contemporary dance, flamenco… the honesty of a dancer is the essence of a performance. We assume that this search for honesty must begin in the studio.   

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