Jessica Cen – Project Coordinator

Jessica Cen (she/her) is a second-generation settler of Chinese descent and a queer multidisciplinary arts worker from Scarborough, based in Tkaronto. She is a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Performance with a BFA major in Theatre Production and minor in Acting & Dance. From this foundation, she works across disciplines in stage and production management, arts administration, marketing, public relations, creation, and design. Her collaborations have led her to work with organizations such as Frog in Hand Productions, Jaberi Dance Theatre, Flato Markham Theatre, and the Female Eye Film Festival. Jessica is passionate about creating safe, dynamic spaces for artists, supporting both creative processes and performance. Her skills obtained through her experiences enable her to help artists create intersectional immersive spaces that transcend the ‘ordinary’ – often going beyond the confines of traditional performance venues and hierarchical managerial models. Currently, she’s the Business Manager of Frog in Hand and the Project Coordinator of Jaberi Dance Theatre. 

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