In the Park 2017


FACING Home: Love & Redemption draws from the influences of reggae music, dancehall and Jamaican culture. Set to covers of Bob Marley’s music and the […]

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Lisa Odjig

Lisa Odjig, two time world champion hoop dancer, performs the North American Native Hoop Dance, a storytelling and celebration dance where she spins and twirls

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OURO Collective

Working within the themes of human connection/disconnection, and living in a dense urban environment, PACE is OURO Collective’s second creation. PACE is a unique hybrid of breaking, waacking, hip

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Sifu Robin Young

Sifu Young will lead the audience from dance to dance throughout the parks with the Southern Chinese “Fut Shan” Lion Dance. Traditionally, the lion dance

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Dance Market

After the In the Park performances, get moving with local practitioners: Georgia Simms, IMAGEO artworksJanet Ragan, Nia GuelphYvonne Weiss, Talam57, BharatanatyamJanet Johnson, Gyrokinesis®Jayelle Lindsay and

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