Two dancers squat on on knee. Each has one hand placed on their forehead and are looking up.

Dust and Soul Dance (Kitchener)

Sunday, June 2: 3:30 PM

Guelph Youth Dance Studios

42 Quebec St

It Falls with The Rain


This work revolves around ecological succession in respect to new life forms now appearing on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. These life forms live off of plastic, the same microplastics which we ingest when we consume any water, even tap.


Tara Butler


Aya Belsheim, Kate Kamo McHugh, Petra Toop, Jianna Neufeld, Viktoria Kamenyiczki and Demetri Apostolopoulos


Edgardo Moreno


Tara is the Artistic Director of Dust and Soul Dance, established in November 2021. Dust and Soul Dance is committed to offering yearly professional and original contemporary dance performances for the Waterloo region. With two sold out evenings of dance Tara turns to creating her first full length work It Falls With The Rain which has been supported by Canada Council For The Arts and Ontario Arts Council for the first phase of creation. We are thrilled to be awarded this opportunity to continue creation in this creative residency with Guelph Dance.


The Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Lisa O’Connell, Edgardo Moreno, Willem Sadler and TJ Milne, all dancers listed above, Sam Varteniuk for the first creative residency which this project was born, In Motion dance studios Kitchener

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