Dance w Me Created by Zoja Smutny

“Dance w Me was created out of the need to dance, and be, with people during the pandemic. This weekly dance show is intended to get audience members literally dancing with me, in a virtual space (Instagram, Facebook live, etc). It’s about pure joy, movement of energy, and having a reason to dress up and be together. Participants often create their own dance videos during the show, and send them to me afterward. In creating each Dance w Me event, I work with fashion stylist Sarah Doucet, and generate a new original mix of dance music for all attending.”

Zoja Smutny is an interdisciplinary artist that uses choreography and liveness as an entry point into making artworks. For the last several years through her practice she has asked the questions- how will we spend time together? And how can dance make an object? Zoja holds a masters in Solo/Dance/Authorship from UDK in Berlin. Her work has been presented in theaters, museums, and galleries in Europe, Canada, U.S.A, and Mexico. Smutny is deeply devoted to collaboration, and it informs the core of her practice  of communicating, movement, music, fashion, pop, images, and fantasy. Her main body of work is with photographer Guntar Kravis (CDN).

Photo by Guntar Kravis

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