Guelph Dance Open Call for Dance Artist Residency 2020-2021

Guelph and regional dance artists are invited to propose a project idea (with the body as the primary tool) intersecting with the theme of “SHIFT SWITCH”.  This theme came out of witnessing the inspiring ways people from all walks of life have had to adapt, shift, and switch over the last couple of months due to a variety of factors. For the purposes of this residency, this is meant to be an exciting open-ended theme that will allow dance artists the space and freedom to investigate, transform, deviate, take risks, and question. This residency will allow artists to dive deeply into their own creative process while being supported by your community locally as well as nationally.

Who should apply?

  • Dance artists who wish to be supported in their artistic practice and to be provided the time and resources to develop work.
  • Dance artists who wish to be in conversation with their peers and their community throughout the development of their work.
  • Dance artists who are open to presenting their findings at the 23rd annual Guelph Dance Festival.
  • Dance artists who live in the Guelph and Wellington regional area (35 km radius).

Who is a dance artist? 

All dance artists who are committed to a rich and rigorous exploration of the art form using the body as their primary tool to investigate and question in a deep and meaningful way will be considered.

At the end of the residency, participants will be invited to share their findings at the 23rd Annual Guelph Dance Festival.  Artists must meet all social distancing regulations in effect throughout the duration of this project.

How will Guelph Dance support my process during this residency?

  1. Studio Space and Artist Fee: Artists will be provided with 50 hours of studio time and an artist fee of $2,500 to explore your work.  All artistic practice must occur between August 2020-May 2021 with a project (online or in person) that will culminate at the Guelph Dance Festival, June 3-6, 2021. Please note that if studio hours are not required we are open to discussing other ways to support the ongoing practice of your work (i.e: childcare, etc..)
  2. Conversations: Artists will be interviewed on camera or through informal in person showings, 4 times during their residency period and be “in conversation” with the general public about their process, what they are questioning, ideas that they are exploring, issues that they are encountering, etc.  This is meant to provide support to the artist as a touching base point while allowing the audience into their creative process through storytelling. The artist will have the video recordings from a professional videographer to use for future grants, applications, etc.
  3. Mentorship Chats: Artists will be supported by a Canadian mentor of their choosing (or with support from GD) through two virtual chats provided throughout your residency period in order to support your work.
  4. Festival Artist Fee: TBA-Guelph Dance will negotiate an artist fee for the presentation proposed for the Guelph Dance Festival.

Applications must be submitted online to Guelph Dance by 4pm on July 31st, 2020. Apply online today!

If you are experiencing any barriers to submitting an online application, please call or email us at 519-780-2220 or i[email protected] to make other arrangements.

Decisions will be made by the Guelph Dance Artistic Committee and results announced by August 7th, 2020. Three artists will be chosen.

Questions? Please contact [email protected] or call 519-803-8829

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